EMIM 2020 Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for ORAL Presentation & Disclosure


MANDATORY for oral presentations, even if you have nothing relevant to declare.

Every presentation has to begin with the speaker making a disclosure of relevant financial interests or relationships. This disclosure must be done both via a slide and orally.

Download of a pptx template slide here



Prepare your slides with a format of 16:9.

The operating system on-site is Windows, Application: Microsoft PowerPoint for office 365.

All presentations need to be prepared WINDOWS compatible

(ppt, pptx, Prezzi, OpenOffice, pdf)

Ensure to keep the time and prepare your presentation accordingly:

Maximum of 2 slides per minute are recommended!

It is OBLIGATORY to upload your presentation at the Speakers’ Room!

The use of private laptops is neither possible nor allowed.

Copy your presentation to a portable memory stick (ensure compatibility)

and proceed to the Speakers’ Room AT LEAST 2h in advance.

If your presentation data is linked to other files (still or moving images, graphs etc.), those linked files should also be saved at the memory stick so that the links can be checked in the Speakers’ Ready Room.



Be there in time: AL LEAST 2h prior to your presentation but also a day or two before your scheduled presentation is perfectly fine.

CHECK your presentation at a laptop inside the Speakers’ room AND together with a technician with special focus on embedded videos and figures.

Make sure you are aware about the date, time, and session of your presentation.

You can also use the Speakers’ Room to finalize your presentation. Laptops (PCs) are available and technicians are on-site to support you.



Tuesday 24th March 2020             09.00h – 19.00h

Wednesday 25th March 2020        08.00h – 18.30h

Thursday 26th March 2020           08.00h – 18.30h

Friday 27th March 2020               08.30h – 12.00h


DOWNLOAD guideline here

Guidelines for POSTER Presentation & Preparation


All posters will be displayed during the entire duration of the EMIM!

Format of your (paper) poster:

A0 portrait format ((841 mm × 1189 mm)

It is not possible to print posters on-site at the venue.


You have been informed about your dedicated presentation slot during Poster Session 1 (Wednesday) or Poster Session 2 (Friday) and the thematic poster walk (PW).

A “poster information desk” can be found in room 1 right at the entrance: pick-up your sticking material there and address any questions concerning your poster presentation you may have.

Please hang-up your poster at the poster board indicating your poster number.

The poster number differs from the ID of your abstract submission.

Posters should be put up from Wednesday 25th March noon onwards.

All posters should be finally displayed by the start of Poster Session 1 at 19.00h that day.

Removal of posters must be done after the second poster session at Friday 27th March at 13.30h

You can check your poster number and slot for presentation also at


During the Poster Session


Be present at your poster at the dedicated time of the poster session. All participants are invited to come along and discuss your work with you. Independent of this, two chairpersons are going to evaluate your poster: be prepared to present your project in about 4 min to them.


Your DIGITAL POSTER – it is easy!

IN ADDITION to the printed posters (these are obligatory!) e-posters stations are provided.

PREPARE your file for ePoster upload:

File type: Acrobat PDF file

File protection: Do not use password protection

Poster dimensions: DIN A0 (841 mm × 1189 mm), portrait orientation

File size limit: 5 MB

How to UPLOAD your digital poster

Upload of e-posters will be possible beginning of March 2020.

Log-in into the abstract submission system with your self-given credentials via

Proceed to “My Submissions” at the menu left – all submissions are shown – tick the “UPLOAD” button per accepted poster – agree on the e-presentation on-site – tick “Upload SmartPoster” – and select the respective file from your computer

Technical service (email to Christoph Förste via cf(at)eventclass.com) for any assistance you may need.


DOWNLOAD poster guideline here