We are looking for further FINYS BOARD members - interested?

Please send a brief application to the ESMI office including:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Current position
  • Stage of career (PhD, postDoc)
  • Few sentences on your motivation

FINYS | French Imaging Network of Young Scientists

FINYS aims to organize activities “bottom‐up”, i.e. initiated and organized by PhD‐students and young Post‐Docs with the support of Principal Investigators and the ESMI. FINYS will promote the formation of a French network of young scientists’ working in the field of imaging science and attract its members to the ESMI.


youngESMI groups should not compete with ESMI or its activities, but rather be complementary.


  • To bring together young scientists (M.Sc./ PhD students and young post‐docs) interested in the field of imaging science.
  • To offer the opportunity to share knowledge.
  • To foster collaborations between research groups and create a regional network.
  • To offer an overview of regional research and research labs and serve as a job forum.
  • To provide young scientists with an easy and informal entry into the imaging community.
  • To attract young imaging scientists to the ESMI.

France Life Imaging (FLI) is a proposed large-scale research infrastructure project aimed at establishing a coordinated and harmonized network of biomedical imaging in France. Amongst others FLI is aiming at removing future employment barriers by
• gathering students from different French and European laboratories during their PhD thesis and providing them with transversal skills and network that will increase their adaptability to a real and competitive industrial environment;
• strengthening connections between the academic and industrial research sectors;
• facilitating student’s career planning and professional integration after completion of the PhD.

Accordingly actions of FLI insisted on the importance of networking. All partners were receptive to this message and decided to support the creation of a network, gathering students and young scientists from the different fields of Imaging Science.