EMIM 2020 Plenary Speakers

according to appearance in the programme


Vasilis Ntziachristos

"Optical and Optoacoustic imaging: the revolution of label free observations"


Professor and Chair for Biological Imaging

Director, Institute for Biological and Medical Imaging
Director of Bioengineering, Helmholtz Pioneer Campus

Technische Universität München & Helmholtz Zentrum München

School of Medicine and School of Electrical Engineering

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Dara Kraitchman

"Stem Cells and Embolics: Is seeing where you are and have been important?"


Director, Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy

Cardiovascular Interventional Section Head

Division of MR Research

Russell H Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

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Mikhail G. Shapiro

"Talking to Cells: Biomolecular Engineering for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function"


Professor of Chemical Engineering

Investigator, Heritage Medical Research Institute

California Institute of Technology

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ANNE RIOS, Utrecht

Anne Rios

"Investigating the Cellular Dynamics of Organ Development and Cancer using 3D Imaging"


PI and Group Leader

Advanced Imaging of Pediatric Cancer

at Princess Máxima Center Pediatric Oncology

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