Industrial Participation & Exhibition

Virtual EMIM 2020 | 24th to 28th August 2020

with subsequent full access until 6th September


Not unexpected but with a heavy heart and much regret, the EMIM 2020 needs to go full virtual!

We are all aware that a virtual EMIM cannot substitute the face-to-face meeting but we are prepared for an alternative extraordinary virtual event providing you best possible opportunities to present your company, products, and innovations!

As for the physical meeting, the virtual EMIM is only complete with your participation - give it a try and face this challenge together!


WHEN? Dates for the EMIM 2020 remain as announced:

24th -28th August 2020 with subsequent full access until 6th September 2020

We have carefully put together an offer that emphasises your importance and reputation within the imaging community and for the EMIM.

Now we pass it excitedly over to you in the hope that you consider it attractive, can envision to represent your company and products in this virtual way, and... simply stay at our side during this difficult time.

During the past weeks we have been overwhelmed by the support and feedback of our members and participants: more than 90%(!) reconfirmed their participation in the meeting. This was unexpected – especially as we all know that a virtual EMIM cannot substitute the physical edition. Anyway; let’s face this involuntary challenge together then and make the best out of it.

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Online booking of virtual exhibition & related add-ons


Our foremost intention has been to create a lively platform for a virtual exhibition and to enable all (former) exhibitors to be part of this. Thus, the basic package is offered for a very reasonable price and is the mandatory basis for any add-on bookings. These add-ons are a perfect addition to the overall (programme) set-up and utilises the possibilities of the tool.

Industry Day

The virtual EMIM starts with a dedicated INDUSTRY DAY: on Monday 24th August no other sessions will be available rather than the virtual exhibition, your webinars, symposia, and industry success stories. Make the best out of it!

From Tuesday25th August onwards, participants get access to the other sessions in accordance with the schedule e.g. sessions scheduled for Wednesday will be opened on Wednesday and remain open.

Look into the programme layout

The EMIM 2020 will be virtual but not live* BUT be ensured that there will be many opportunities for exchange and communication. We probably all have learned that live does not automatically lead into a plus on interaction and liveliness. Thus; the EMIM aims to combine the advantage of going virtual: FLEXIBILITY with numerous opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

*except for the Young Investigator Award

Cancellation of initial booking

Applies for bookings for the physical EMIM in Thessaloniki

If you decide to refrain from any presence at the EMIM 2020, a cancellation of your initial booking is possible. The fee will be reimbursed, a handling fee of 10% on the exhibition package fee is charged for rendered services and costs occurred related to your booking. Please note that it is mandatory to complete a respective cancellation form (open with Adobe Acrobat) and submitted it to the attention of Irene via registration(at)