Virtual EMIM 2020 | Question & Answers

We are all aware that a virtual EMIM cannot substitute the face-to-face meeting but we have started preparations for an alternative extraordinary virtual event. This switch certainly causes questions concerning registrations, presentations, and programme. Please find below a respective Q&A section that should help to get a clearer picture of the setting.

The Q&A are continouosly updated. Please remain patient as we also need to align to these changed conditions. Any further questions can be addressed to the ESMI office.



  • Why is the EMIM 2020 going virtual rather than being held in Thessaloniki as planned?

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EMIM 2020 need to be held entirely virtual. The EMIM 2020 aims to meet our community’s needs and expectations in these challenging times and will offer access to cutting edge scientific programme, including lectures, posters, study group meetings, virtual exhibition, and youngESMI events. The EMIM 2021 is planned for 16th to 19th March as a f2f meeting in the “City of Science” Göttingen, Germany.

  • What is the impact on the programme?

The EMIM 2020 starts with an interactive week from 24th to 28th August. During that week sessions e.g. scheduled for Wednesday will only be accessible from that day onwards. Monday 24th August is a dedicated industry day, Tuesday 25th August is dedicated to Education and Study Groups. All sessions are fully available then on Friday 28th August. Full access to all presentations is provided until 6th September. Check basic programme layout here.

  • Why is it not a live event?

We probably all have learned over the past months that live does not automatically lead into a plus on interaction and liveliness. Thus; the EMIM aims to combine the advantage of going virtual: FLEXIBILITY with numerous opportunities for exchange and collaboration. All presenters and chairs are asked to be online during the scheduled time of their session so that questions/comments can be right away answered. Considering different time zones a consultation hour per day (7pm-8pm) is scheduled when all presenters of the day are asked to be online in order to react immediately on any request. The only live session is the Young Investigator Award scheduled for Thursday 27 August at 15.45h.

  • What if I am not available during the virtual EMIM 2020 dates?

An interactive week and programme is planned for the dates 24th to 28th August. But full access will be given to all presentations during the subsequent week until Sunday 6th September. Keep also in mind that it is not a live event but a virtual meeting so that you have access to the presentations 24/7. In case you need to cancel your participation completely, refer to the section registration and cancellation.


  • I have already registered for the EMIM in Thessaloniki. Am I automatically registered for the virtual meeting?

Yes, your registration is automatically transferred to the virtual EMIM. As the fee for the virtual meeting is substantially lower, the difference will be reimbursed. A respective form needs to be filled. All registrants were contacted in calendar week 21 with detailed information on next steps. In case you did not receive the notification, please contact Irene via registration(at)

  • Can I still register for the virtual EMIM 2020?

Sure, proceed to the registration page and be part of it!

  • I cancelled my registration for the physical EMIM 2020 in Thessaloniki but would like to participate in the virtual EMIM. Is this possible?

Of course, just re-register here!

  • Do I get a Certificate of Attendance?

Yes, all registrants get a CoA. This will be provided for download beginning of September 2020.

  • What will be available to me as a registered participant?

You will get full access to more than 200 lectures including plenary lectures, educational talks, study group discussions, and industry success stories. Plus more than 300 poster presentations presented in enjoyable four-minutes pitches. You’ll get access to the virtual exhibition and are invited to participate in industry webinars and sessions. Be curious about the young ESMI events (...)
There will be plenty of opportunities to interact: applaud for a presentation you like, post public comments or questions, send direct email with your questions to the presenter, chat online via dedicated consultation hours – it is on you to make use of it!

  • I registered for the f2f EMIM in Thessaloniki but wish to cancel my registration to the virtual edition, how is the cancellation policy?

What a pity! You need to send a written notice on your cancellation to Irene via registration(at) along with the filled reimbursement form. Your registration fee will be refunded minus a handling fee of 10% on the former registration fee.

  • Who can I contact for registration-related matters?

The ESMI office is available for all registration related requests. Contact Irene via registration(at)

+ MY PRESENTATION | oral/poster +

  • Does my accepted oral/poster presentation remain valid for the virtual edition?

Yes, sure! All accepted abstracts remain valid as accepted. You can check the status of your presentation also within the abstract submission system.

  • I am a presenter of a talk/poster, what should I do?

Talks and poster presentations need to be pre-recorded and uploaded. All presenters were contacted with detailed information on timeline and how to record/upload your presentation. Do not worry: it is easy, just a computer with a microphone and camera is needed and we’ll be there to support you. Your chance to prepare your best presentation ever! Please check Guidelines for ORAL PRESNTATIONS & Guidelines for POSTER/POSTER-PITCH PRESENTATIONS.

  • Will there be Awards for best oral/poster presentations

Yes! There will be awards for the best talk and a dedicated “Best of virtual EMIM 2020” is scheduled at the EMIM 2021 in Göttingen. And, as usual, one poster award per poster walk will be presented. Session and poster chairs will evaluate your presentations. You have the chance to prepare your best presentation ever!

  • What is expected from me as presenter (oral or poster)

All participants can publically comment on your presentation or contact you via the conference tool individually or press an applause button to applaud for your presentation. The presenters and chairs are asked to be online during the scheduled time of their session so that questions/comments can be right away answered (in writing). Considering different time zones a consultation hour per day (7pm-8pm) is scheduled when all presenters of the day are asked to be online in order to react immediately on any request. Aside of this, check your inbox and also any comments on your presentation regularly and react on it.

  • Can my presentation be downloaded?

All presentations are considered property of the presenters and accordingly attendees are asked to contact the presenters directly through the conference system to request copies of slides or posters. It is not possible to download any slides. For poster presenters: be informed though that certain browsers offer download options for Adobe files automatically and that it is not possible to prevent people from taking screenshots/photos.

  • I do not wish to present my work anymore. How can I withdraw my abstract?

Enter the abstract submission system with your self-given credentials – proceed to “Your presentations” at the menu left side and press the “withdraw presentation” button of the respective abstract. That’s it - sorry to see you go!

  • Do I need to be registered to present my accepted talk/poster?

Yes, all presenters need to be registered.

  • Who can I contact for other abstract related matters?

Contact Doris or Annette at the ESMI office