EMIM 2020 Scientific Programme

Programme - how to and who?

The EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME, PLENARY SPEAKERS, and FOCUS SESSIONS have been carefully determined by the Programme Chairs and Committees with respect to your needs, emerging technologies, recent developments, and in consideration of the last EMIM's - always dedicated to scientific excellence.

Though the gross of the programme is done by you: 24 Parallel Sessions and two poster sessions are reserved for presentations from your abstract submissions - do not miss to present!

Plenary Lectures

PLENARY LECTURES by leading scientists are scheduled including Plenary Lectures by the winners of the ESMI award for excellent PhD thesis 2019 and the ESMI award winner 2020 Sanjiv Sam Gambhir - read more.

Parallel Sessions

24 Parallel Sessions are filled with your abstract submissions. Currently 22 are complete, two are reserved for late-breaking submissions. Parallel Sessions 2020:

PS 01

Imaging the Tumour Microenvironment

PS 02

Microscopy, Optical Imaging, Near-Infrared Imaging & Raman Spectroscopy Technologies

PS 03

Late-breaking 01

PS 04

Imaging Infection

PS 05

PET Probes: New Tracers & Applications

PS 06

Imaging of Brain Receptors, Structure & Function

PS 07

Intra-Operative Imaging

PS 08

Imaging Metabolism

PS 09

Imaging Cancer Therapy

PS 10

Novel Optical, Acoustic & Optoacoustic Probes - from Imaging to Therapy

PS 11

MRI, MRS & Hyperpolarization Technologies

PS 12

Imaging of Cardiovascular Disease

PS 13

New Tools for Cancer Imaging

PS 14

MRI: New Probes & Applications

PS 15

Late-breaking 02

PS 16

Data Processing & Quantification

PS 17

PET, CT & Multimodal Imaging Technologies

PS 18

Imaging Inflammatory Response

PS 19

Disease Models for Translational Neuroimaging

PS 20

Imaging Cancer

PS 21

Cancer Detection

PS 22

Multimodal Imaging Probes

PS 23

Novel Methods in Neuroimaging

PS 24

Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustic Technologies


The ESMI educational committee presents a four year programme to educate young and experienced scientist in several disciplines related to molecular imaging. There are four themes defined which all have a four year program.

Four Educational Sessions are scheduled on 24th March starting from 13.30h to 17.00h. Session themes are selected from four main categories:

  • Imaging Probes
  • Image Processing
  • Neuroscience
  • Nuclear Imaging

In addition to these four Educational Sessions one Spotlight Symposium will highlight an emerging, hot topic. The Spotlight Symposium starts at 11.00h already finishing at 17.00h.

Educational Spotlight Symposium 2020:

  • Theranostics: Image-guided surgery, drug delivery and radionuclide therapy


    Seven PLENARY LECTURES by leading practitioners are scheduled including Plenary Lectures by the winners of the ESMI award for excellent PhD thesis 2019 and the ESMI award winner 2020 Sanjiv Sam Gambhir.


    Two dedicated POSTER SESSIONS are scheduled with no competitive session in parallel - the best opportunity to discuss your work!


    STUDY GROUP Meetings are organised by the leadership of each ESMI Study Groups and are open for everybody who is interested.


    Jointly organized FOCUS SESSIONS will be held in cooperation with related societies. The set-up differs from the parallel sessions: three talks 30 min will be given.


    youngESMI organized sessions including Scientific Speed Dating & Meet the Experts Sessions organized by the young ESMI groups.