The first DyMIC Day took place at 26th November 2019 at the BPRCin Rijswijk.

The idea of this first and all following DyMIC Days is to introduce one imaging site in The Netherlands while enlarging your professional network, create and strengthen the Dutch (young) imaging community. Of course, participation is not limited to young scientists: early stage as well as PI/senior researchers are welcome to join!


The next DyMIC event is planned for 10th March 2020 in Utrecht: practice your presentation for the EMIM 2020 and enlarge your network.


DyMIC | Dutch young Molecular Imaging Community


It is a great pleasure to announce the successful establishment of the Dutch young Molecular Imaging Community.

DyMIC is part of the ESMI and initiated as well as driven by our dynamic Dutch young members from several institutes all over the Netherlands. DyMIC provides a national network for young imaging scientists (MSc/PhD students and early career post-docs) that allows for an easy and informal entry into the field of imaging science and into the international environment of the ESMI.

DyMIC is the ideal opportunity for young investigators to interact with each other, share knowledge, and create a framework for collaborations within the Netherlands and beyond. DyMIC will also help scientists outside of the Netherlands identify and connect with Dutch researchers facilitate a pathway for researchers to enter into the molecular imaging research field, and help further develop the careers of young researchers.



  • Connect young investigators working on molecular imaging and therapy.
  • Bridge the gap between different molecular imaging modalities in the Netherlands.
  • Provide information and organize events to advance the skills in and understanding of molecular imaging and therapy of young ESMI members, both experimentally and theoretically.
  • Help young ESMI members develop and shape their career in molecular imaging.

Interested in joining?

In case you are an ESMI member - just log-in to your ESMI member portal and edit your membership details by ticking the respective box.


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