3rd young Spanish ESMI Group Meeting


Be warmly invited to join us in Barcelona for a one-day meeting dedicated to

Preclinical and Clinical Imaging Tools and Applications

Date: 13 May 2019

Time: one-day meeting

Venue: Val d 'Hebron Hospital in Barcelona



We aim to offer an excellent opportunity for (advanced) doctoral students and (recently appointed) post-docs in Spain to present their work, gain experience in academic conferencing, network and exchange ideas in the field. It offers a much needed springboard to enter the world of molecular imaging. 

The 3rd ySMIN meeting pursues to bring together the young spanish imaging community in order to create a pioneering regional network that will foster scientific collaborations between young researchers with multidisciplinary background, not only in Spain, but also around the world.

Present your work!

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Deadline for submission is 22nd April 2019

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Who we are and why you should join

We are the young Spanish molecular imaging network (youngSMIN): a pioneering imaging science community in Spain that aims to promote the formation of a network of young(-er) scientists working in the field of imaging science. ySMIN welcomes researchers working in all imaging modalities.

We are offering MSc/PhD students and early career post-docs an easy and informal entry into the larger European imaging community. In this sense, ySMIN pursues to attract Spanish imaging scientists to the "mother" society - the European Society for Molecular Imaging ESMI.

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