yMICUK | Young Molecular Imaging Community in the UK

the 3rd young ESMI group!



The Young Molecular Imaging Community in the UK (yMICUK) aims to bring together young scientists (MSc/PhD students and early career post-docs) interested in the field of molecular imaging including PET, SPECT, MRI, bioluminescence, fluorescence and photoacoustic imaging, to offer an easy and informal entry into the imaging community. By sharing knowledge and experiences, young scientists will be able to complement their career progression. A collaborative environment will be fostered where the research of the members and their labs can be shared in a relaxed environment. Young scientists can reinforce the network of our local community in this field of scientific research.


We will host fun and creative events where our members may give presentations and each event will be followed by an informal discussion session focussing on various topics.  We will encourage our members to suggest additional topics that they would like to discuss in the next meeting.  Advertising for membership will begin at the 2nd Preclinical Nuclear Imaging Symposium (9th November 2015) and at the meeting of the 21st Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Chapter of ISMRM (9th-11th September 2015), where representatives of all of the preclinical imaging institutions in the UK will be in attendance. We will plan for the first meeting to be towards the end of 2016.


yMICUK will promote the formation of a UK network of young scientists’ working in the field of imaging science and attract its members to the ESMI in order to strengthen the imaging cmmunity in Europe.