yESMInar Recordings

yESMInar - Focus on young Imaging Science

Every third Wednesday at 15.00h one yESMI group organizes a 45 minutes webinar named "yESMInar - Focus on young Imaging Science" highlighting the work of one young imaging scientists. The webinars are recorded. The "freshest" two are available below, all other editions can be accessed via the Member Portal.

Recording | second edition on 17th February 202

Theme: Cancer Imaging

Talk Title: Multimodal Imaging for Preclinical Tumour Characterization and Nanoparticle Validation

Speaker: Sarah Belderbos, Tübingen

Senior Expert/PI: Tim Witney, London

Organized by the Belgium young ESMI Group

Click at the pic to view recording:

Recording | first edition on 20th January 2021

Talk Title: Theranostics of hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia using exendin-based tracers

Speaker: Marti Boss, Nijmegen

PI/Discussion Lead: Roger Schibli, Zurich/Villingen

Chairs: Marieke Stammes, René Raave, Ruud Ramakers

Organized by the Dutch young ESMI Group

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