Change in leadership - March 2019


In accordance with the rotation procedure the former Chair Christian Dullin stepped down and the former Co-Chair Giuliana Tromba took over the Chair position. Her Co-Chair was elected within the scope of the EMIM 2019. Congratulations to Monica Abella from madrid and THANKS, Christian for all your efforts and commitment!

ESMI Study Group on x-ray based imaging | X-RAY

X-ray based techniques such as CT are the most commonly applied imaging methods in clinical diagnosis, but they are often considered outdated or of minor interest in preclinical research. The aim of this study group is to increase the visibility of the novel and exiting developments that have revolutionized this field, such as phase and dark-field contrast methods, energy resolved detectors, sub-micron resolution microCT and high speed 4D imaging to name a few.


Many of these techniques, however, are still in prototype status with limited access. One of the aims of this study group is therefore the generation of a register containing all the systems owned by the group members to provide access to a broader community.


In contrast to human applications of x-ray based imaging, radiation dose issues have not been seriously considered for preclinical imaging in the past. Laboratory animals, however, show the same adverse irradiation effects as humans, but no dose limits or guidelines have been defined as yet. The second aim of this study group is therefore the initiation of such guidelines.


Another important issue is comparability of imaging results among different systems. Image quality measurements such as contrast-to-noise ratio have only a limited predictive value. Comparability becomes even more complicated if other sources of contrast such as phase or dark field contrast are included. Therefore, we further aim to generate measures or quality indexes that incorporate dose issues as well as predictive value of the images.


Last but not least, we plan to introduce the unique capabilities of synchrotron light sources to a broader audience.