Optical Imaging - from Molecules to Humans

2nd Imaging Technology Summer Workshop of the ESMI- TOPIM TECH

Thanks for an inspiring second edition of TOPIM TECH dedicated to "OPTICAL IMAGING", for the open-minded and fruitful discussions - for a great week in Chania, Crete!



Optical imaging has evolved to one of the most important methods for the visualization of molecular function, disease monitoring, drug screening, therapeutic and surgical intervention, in all possible scales, ranging from the few-nanometer to the whole organism and human level. Two recent Nobel prizes were awarded to scientific achievements that revolutionized biological and biomedical research based on optical imaging technologies; the discovery of fluorescent proteins and the development of Nanoscopy or super resolution microscopy. Numerous other technological breakthroughs have enabled imaging of biology with unprecedented clarity. Despite the advancement many unsolved issues remain as a result of the fundamental physics governing light propagation in biological media. To take optical imaging technologies a step beyond these limitation radical new approaches are needed.

At the same time the different scales and parameters targeted by optical imaging technologies require a comprehensive study of a variety of fundamental issues related to:

i) hardware,

ii) software,

iii) image processing,

iv) data analysis,

v) light propagation theory,

vi) experimental procedures and protocols,

vii) standardization and quantification.

TOPIM TECH 2017 specifically targeted the interdisciplinary field of modern optical imaging bringing together engineers, physicists, biochemists, computer scientists, bio-informaticians and biologists to define state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodology, discuss current trends and showcase emerging applications that require or are catalyzed by optical imaging approaches.

Programme concept and Speakers

Final PROGRAMME - talk titles and speakers

POSTER overview

To acknowledge the interdisciplinary audience the workshop started with three introducatory talksin order to provide basic knowledge for all participants:


Part 1: Biomedical Imaging Systems and the Role of Optics
Part II: Imaging unique Contrast Mechanisms with optics
Brian Pogue, Dartmouth


Tissue Optics,  light propagation through complex media  and biomedical imaging with diffused light.

Turgut Durduran, Barcelona

LECTURE three:

Translation of optical imaging biomarkers into biomedical research and clinics.

Sarah Bohndiek, Cambridge

Followed by talks related to the main topics:

  • Imaging Technologies, - Systems, and Hybrid Devices
  • Contrast Mechanisms
  • Data Analysis, Image Processing, and Reconstruction.

And complemented by five oral presentations from the abstract submissions.

And two PRACTICAL WORK tracks:

  • Microscopy image analysis &
  • In vivo optical image analysis.

A special THANKS to Jordi Andilla from Barcelona, Peter Friedl, and Thanasis Zacharopoulus from Heraklion for organizing this!

WHAT else?

Two poster sessions

Scientific Speed-Dating

Cretan night (...)