Call for abstracts

The Scientific Committee calls for abstract submission on original work for oral and poster presentations.

Opening of submission: 19 September 2017
DEADLINE for submission: 26 October 2017

Abstract submission rules

  • your abstract needs to be assigned to one of the following abstract categories:
    Brain Metabolism
    Cancer Metabolism
    Cardiovascular Metabolism
    Obesity, Diabetes, and Nutrution
  • submission of only ONE abstract is allowed
  • size limit: 2500 characters; using copy&paste
  • you can add a maximum of two figures/pictures (jpeg, png) each with a limited size of 2MB
  • you strictly have to follow the scheme: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Acknowledgement/References
  • the deadline for submissions is 26 October 2017
  • all abstracts will be acknowledged upon receipt (you may need to check your spam folder). If you do not receive a confirmation please contact the helpdesk or the ESMI office

Registration and limited number of places

Please note that the the number of participants is limited to 70.

In general persons who have submitted an abstract will be priorised in regards to the allocation of places.

Read more about fees and conditions.