Recodings of Plenary and Educational Sessions @ the EMIM 2015

Have you missed a talk in Tubingen, would you like to hear a lecture again? Use it for teaching purposes or view a lecture during your lunch break with your collegues or during a team meeting...

Here is an overview of the talks which have been recorded during the 10th EMIM in Tubingen. 

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Educational Sessions

Imaging, genomics and tumour heterogeneity

                ES I -1 | MRI measurements of tumour heterogeneity - Alan Jackson

University of Manchester Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, Withington, Great Britain

                ES I - 2 | Decoding tumour phenotype by noninvasive imaging using a quantitative radiomics approach - Philippe Lambin

University of Maastricht Maastricht Radiation Oncology, Maastricht, Netherlands

                ES I - 3| Within-tumour diversity as a universal biomarker of prognosis - Ann-Marie Baker

Barts Cancer Institute, QMUL, John Vane Science Centre, London, Great Britain


Multi-modality and Hybrid Imaging Equipment

                ES II - 1 | PET/CT and PET/MR instrumentation - Nicola Belcari

University of Pisa Physics "E. Fermi", Pisa, Italy

                ES II - 2 | Multi-modal image registration: fundamentals and applications - Julia A. Schnabel

University of Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering, ORCRB, Oxford, Great Britain

                ES II - 3 | Multimodality image derived tumor characterization - Mathieu Hatt

INSERM LaTIM, UMR 1101, Brest, France

                ES II - 4 | Multimodal neuroimaging: Colors at Scale – Mix and Match - Gil Gregor Westmeyer

Technical University Munich Nuclear Medicine, Munich, Germany


Standardisation: Instrumentation, data analysis, and imaging protocols

                ES III - 1 | Imaging biomarkers: power and pitfalls - Adriaan Lammertsma

VU University Medical Center Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

                ES III - 2 | Animal models and preparation of animals before imaging - Roswitha Beck

German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders, DSGZ Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany

Department of Nuclear Medicine Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany

                ES III - 4 | Standardisation: the transition from clinical to preclinical studies - Marc Huisman

VUMC Department of Nuclear Medicine, Amsterdam, Netherlands       


Biology and Imaging of inflammation and immunology

ES IV - 2 | Multimodal imaging of inflammation in Cardiology - Moritz Wildgruber

Technische Universität München Dept. of Radiology, München, Germany

                ES IV - 3 | IgE antibodies to activate immunity against solid tumours - Sophia Karagiannis

King's College London St. John's Institute of Dermatology, Division of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Great Britain


Plenary Lectures

Positron Emission Tomography: The Need for Quantification (ESMI Award winner) - Adriaan Lammertsma

VU University Medical Center Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

From Molecular-Genetic to Epigenetic Molecular Imaging and Beyond - Juri Gelovani

Wayne State University Biomedical Engineering, Detroit, Michigan, United States

From whole-body to total-body PET: How to achieve a 40-fold increase in sensitivity and what to do with it - Simon Cherry

University of California, Davis Biomedical Engineering, Davis, CA, United States

Development of highly sensitive probes for applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in molecular medicine - Giuseppe Ferrauto (ESMI PHD Award Winner)

University of Torino Molecular Biotechnology & Health Sciences- Molecular Imaging Center, Torino, Italy

Future Need and Current Challenges for PET in Oncology - Pat Price

Imperial College Department of Surgery and Cancer, London, Great Britain

Molecular Imaging using Mass Spectrometry for Image Guided Surgery and Drug Development - Nathalie Agar

Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School Neurosurgery and Radiology, Boston, MA, United States

MR imaging of inflammation: Can we go beyond the macrophage as primary target? - Jeff Bulte

Johns Hopkins University Radiology, Baltimore, Maryland, United States


Young Investigators Award 2015 (final - three top lectures)

                Elemental imaging by Laser spectrometry: new perspectives for medical applications

Benoit Busser 1,2,3, Lucie Sancey 1, Nicole Pinel 3, Julie Charles 2,3, Vincent Motto-Ros 1

1Institute Light and Matter UMR5306 Univ. Lyon, Villeurbanne, France

2Inserm U823-IAB Univ. Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France

3University Hospital CHU, Grenoble, France


                Imaging and targeted therapy of breast cancer metastasis using docetaxel-entrapped micelles

Larissa Rizzo 1, Cristianne Rijcken 2, Sanjay Tiwari 3, Claus C. Glüer 3, Fabian Kiessling 1, Twan Lammers 1

1Uniklinik Aachen ExMI, Aachen, Germany

2Cristal Therapeutics, Maastricht, Netherlands

3Kiel University Department of Radiology and Neuroradiology, Kiel, Germany


                Sortase-mediated site-specific labeling of Nanobodies for use in molecular imaging

Sam Massa 1,2,3, Niravkumar Vikani 2, Saskia Vanderhaegen 3,4, Cecilia Betti 5, Steven Ballet 5, Vicky Caveliers 1,6, Tony Lahoutte 1,6, Serge Muyldermans 2,3, Nick Devoogdt 1,2, Catarina Xavier 1

1Vrije Universiteit Brussel In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Laboratory, Brussels, Belgium

2Vrije Universiteit Brussel Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Brussels, Belgium

3VIB Structural Biology Research Center, Brussels, Belgium

4Vrije Universiteit Brussel Structural Biology Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

5Vrije Universiteit Brussel Department of Organic Chemistry,Brussels, Belgium

6Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel Nuclear Medicine Department, Brussels, Belgium