TOPIM TECH Programme

Main topics covered

  • Optoacoustic microscopy – photons and beyond
  • Multiphoton microscopy techniques – from visible to IR
  • Diffraction limited vs. diffraction unlimited microscopy
  • Wavefront shaping microscopy – fighting diffusion
  • Coherent X ray time-resolved Nanoscopy
  • Structural Electron Microscopy
  • Correlated light electron microscopy
  • Ultrasound microscopy
  • Magnetic Particle Imaging
  • fMRI

    Programme Elements

    • Introductory Lectures
    • Invited Lectures
    • Oral presentations from your abstract submissions
    • Interactive poster session
    • Group Work

    Plus networking opportunities to enhance discussions and knowledge exchange

    • Scientific Speed-Dating
    • Group Excursion - see right hand side
    • Common Meals


    Further information will follow soon!