EMIM 2020 Presentation Guidelines

POSTER Presentations

You are asked to prepare and upload

a) your poster (pdf format) and

b) a poster pitch (slide) presentation of about three minutes.


1) PREPARE your ePoster (pdf file)

File type: Acrobat PDF file

File protection: Do not use password protection

Poster dimensions: DIN A0 (1189 mm x 841 mm), landscape orientation

File size limit: 5 MB

Download detailed guideline for step 1


2) PREPARATION of your Poster-Pitch slides

Disclosure - MANDATORY for all presentations, even if you have nothing relevant to declare. Every presentation has to begin with the speaker making a disclosure of relevant financial interests or relationships. This disclosure must be done both via a slide and orally.

Download of a pptx template slide here

Prepare your slides with a format of 16:9

Ensure to keep the time of 3 minutes max.

Maximum of two slides per minute are recommended


3) RECORDING of my Poster-Pitch

IMPORTANT NOTICE The use of PowerPoint 2019 or for Office 365 for your recording is highly recommended as it is MUCH MORE convenient and professional than older versions. Maybe you could borrow your colleague’s or friend’s computer for your final recording – after you have practised your presentation with your older version to ultimate perfection ;-)

To see the speaker while she/he is speaking cannot be underestimated -
it enhances the exposure and recognition of you and your work!

Try everything possible to make this work. It is not mandatory to use the "PowerPoint Recording of Slide Show" option - you can also record your talk with zoom, panopto, camtasia or any other tool you have access to and feel comfortable with.

Checklist - before recording

  • My slides are ready
  • I stick to the time limit of three minutes max.
  • My presentation starts with the mandatory disclosure slide
  • I practised my poster-pitch numerous times
  • I checked technical settings: camera/microphone works, no echo, no ambient noises expected, position of camera is fine, background okay.

Aim: mp-4 video file saved at your computer with a resolution of 1080px with an understandable sound

What you should record:

Your (PowerPoint) presentation slides +

Narrations +

Ink gestures (if any) +

you, while you are speaking (appears in a corner of the slide)

Technical Requirements

PowerPoint 2019 or for Microsoft 365 (highly recommended!)

A microphone –built-in microphone or an external device

A camera – built-in camera or an external device

DOWNLOAD detailed guideline for step 1 and 2 (PowerPoint 2019/Office 365)
DOWNLOAD detailed guideline for step 1 and 2 (PowerPoint 2013-2016)


4) UPLOAD of poster & Poster-pitch

Checklist - before upload


  • I have my poster ready.
  • It is saved as pdf file on my computer.
  • I considered the recommended format.


  • I have pre-recorded my poster pitch.
  • I considered the time limit of three minutes max.
  • It is saved as MPEG-4 video on my computer.
  • I have added the mandatory disclosure slide.
  • I checked the file and I am happy with the recording.

Then you are ready to go!

Posters & Poster-Pitches need to be uploaded via the abstract submission system.

Keep in mind that you need to accept the presentation within the system first - only then an upload is possible!

DEADLINE for upload is 11th August 2020

Detailed Guideline for your Upload