Change in leadership - March 2019


In accordance with the rotation procedure the former Chair Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere stepped down and the former Co-Chair Hervé Boutin took over the Chair position. His Co-Chair was elected within the scope of the EMIM 2019. Congratulations to Philipp Böhm-Sturm and THANKS, Stefanie for all your efforts and commitment!

ESMI Study Group on “Molecular Neuro-Imaging"

The Neuro-Imaging Study Group has founded a LinkedIn group to provide its members a forum for discussion and exchange.Interested in joining? Just send a brief note to the office and we'll add you with pleasure.

Scope, relevance, and objectives

Neuro-imaging has become an indispensable tool for a wide range of application fields. Both structural and functional information about the central nervous system encompassing the brain and spinal cord are obtained through imaging approaches. With the neuro-imaging field extending into the realm of “Molecular Imaging”, exciting new doors have been opened to learn about cellular and molecular processes in topics of neurobiology and neuroscience, but also of neurological diseases. Molecular neuro-imaging is playing an increasing role in unraveling cellular and molecular mechanisms and process dynamics, essential for a better understanding of the function of the brain but also for a better grasp on neurological diseases and the development of therapy strategies.

The ESMI Study Group “Molecular Neuro-Imaging” is science driven. It is the declared goal to embrace all in vivo imaging modalities that can serve the purpose of advancing understanding in the neuro-science field. The Study Group welcomes all novel imaging modalities and is eager to validate their utilization for the neuro-field. We will reach out to new technologies, concepts and applications to integrate them for the advancement of neuro-biological, neuro-scientific, and neurological topics.

Based on its definition, the ESMI Study Group “Molecular Neuro-Imaging” will embrace all scientific application fields focused on neuro-scientific or neurological topics.


  • To accomplish the goal of fostering neuroscience understanding, we will reach out to align our strategies and activities with European initiatives active in neuroscience and neurology.
  • We aim to disseminate knowledge and understanding of the high potential of molecular neuro-imaging for neuroscience investigations, in particular to the scientific communities outside the imaging communities.
  •  We will work on programs to support our membership and their interest in applying molecular neuro-imaging for their scientific applications.