Programme Details

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Programme elements

  • Keynote Lectures
  • Poster presentations selected from your submissions
  • Panel discussion on fake science and reproducibility of experiments

  • 2h educational session on small animal PET/SPECT: basics, pitfalls and applications" held by Sonja Schelhaas and Sven Hermann.The seminar provides an overview on radioisotope based molecular imaging techniques. It covers physical and instrumentation basics of positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission tomography (SPECT) as well as radiotracer principles. Animal handling aspects and exemplary applications, including multi-modal imaging studies, will be addressed as well. This will be accompanied by interactive discussions with the participants regarding limitations and pitfalls of the methods.

  • OR
  • 2h Workshop on Career Planning & Development in Academia & Industry
  • Career planning – criteria for decision making
  • Career development in Academia, Career opportunities and Qualification requirements
  • Career development in Industry, Career opportunities and Qualification requirements
  • Application documents: some examples and tips
  • First steps towards Industry: How to get in contact with companies

++ limited places, additional fee of 10€ to ensure attendance++