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GyMIC is now on Twitter: @GyMIC_youngESMI!


With a heavy heart, we had to postpone the MoBi 2020 due to the corona pandemic. The good news is, that the new estimated date is already known: save the date from 16th – 17th September 2021 for the next MoBi in Hanover. Hope to see many of you there!

If you want to join our community or actively participate in organizing the MoBi, do not hesitate to contact us via gymic(at) or via Twitter @GyMIC_youngESMI. All molecular imaging scientists who are young or still feel young and are based in Germany are welcome!


The German young Molecular Imaging Community - GyMIC is part of the ESMI and initiated as well as driven by active young members. It is in no way competitive but complementary to the activities of the "mother society".

The main goal of the GyMIC is to provide a national network for young imaging scientists (MSc/PhD students and early career post-docs) that allows for an easy and informal entry into the field of imaging science and into the international environment of the ESMI.

By exchanging knowledge and experiences in a collaborative manner, the network aims to support the career progression of young scientists and create strong links between the diverse institutions. In this context, GyMIC is planning to host creative meetings. Be encouraged to suggest your "hot" topics! GyMIC is furthermore planning to develop an informal mentoring platform.

2017, the idea has been raised to "adopt" the organization of the MoBi in the coming years (the annual meetings of the former Interdisciplinary German Network Molecular Imaging). The MoBi 2017 was hosted in Aachen and was a transition event, where the foundation of the GyMIC was officially announced. With great support of Ingrid Hilger and Fabian Kiessling, the meeting was mainly organized by GyMIC members.

The following meetings were successfully hosted in Göttingen (MoBi 2018) under the supervision of Frauke Alves and in 2019 in Münster (MoBi 2019) under the supervision of Michael Schäfers, Friedemann Kiefer, Cornelius Faber and Moritz Wildgruber.