1) Your individual membership

It is with pleasure to inform you that the individual membership fees remain unchanged:

  • regular membership fee 85 € – including one subscription to the "Molecular Imaging and Biology" Journal - MIB
  • full educational membership fee 65 € (students and PhD students) – including one MIB subscription
  • educational membership (students and PhD students) fee 20 € – without MIB subscription

ESMI online application


2) Institutional membership

a) Institutional membership applies for up to 10 individuals from one institute for 400€/anno and

b) for more than 10 and up to 20 individuals from one institute for 600€/anno.

General requirement: one invoice address.

Before applying please bcontact Irene at the ESMI office via membership(at)esmi-insight.eu

Company membership 2018

As membership is based on a calendar year the remaining weeks of 2017 would be free of charge.

Your participation contributes to the further establishment of one strong Imaging Community . THANKS!


Company membership (500€) includes

  • preferential treatment in regards to allocation of space at the EMIM
  • up to 5 individual memberships benefit from all advantages of being an ESMI member
  • 1 out of these 5 individual members with voting rights and subscription to the MIBI journal
  • posting of your job openings and press releases
  • reduced registration fee for the EMIM

Take a look at the current ESMI “Company members 


How to apply for a company membership:

1. Please contact Irene at the ESMI office via membership(at)esmi-insight.eu first.

2. The main contact person shall complete the ESMI online application

3. Please name and send the additional individual members from your company incl. names/email addresses via membership@esmi-insight.eu to the attention of Irene indicating who shall receive the voting right and the MIB subscription (same person)