ESMI Award for excellent PhD thesis

31 December 2018 - NEXT COLLECTION DEADLINE - 31 December 2018

From 2019 onwards the deadline for applications will be changed to 1st October each year. Thus for 2019 it means that all applications from 1st January 2019 until 30th September 2019 are eligible with a defence date within that period. For all subsequent years applications from 1st October until 30th September are valid.



The society's PhD Award for an excellent PhD thesis is offered for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding outstanding research in the broad field of Imaging Science conducted by our young members. We are happy to support and to dignify the efforts of our young members by raising awareness for their work and to acknowledge their contribution to the interdisciplinary research field.

We would like to invite all young scientists working in the broad field of Molecular Imaging to apply for the ESMI Award for excellent PhD thesis.


There is one ESMI award for excellent PhD thesis per year! Collection deadline is 31 December; applications can be submitted throughout the year!

Eligebility Criteria

  • The award application has to be submitted to the ESMI within the year of defense with deadline 31 December
  • Applications can be submitted throughout the year
  • The nomination has to be supported by the supervisor of the nominee
  • The nominee is at the date of application not enrolled in a permanent position
  • Nominees need to be members of the ESMI
    I want to become an ESMI member
  • All formal application requirements must be fulfilled

Nomination requirements

  • Only one candidate from one department (same supervisor) can be nominated per year
  • Nominations should be addressed to the ESMI office in writing via email
  • Applications can be submitted throughout the entire year

Your application must include:

Application incl. letter of support can be either send by the applicant or the supervisor.

Successful candidates

  • you are invited to present your research within a Plenary Lecture at the EMIM - the ESMI's annual meeting
  • your excellent work will be acknowledged with 1000€
  • you will be acknowledged at the "winner" page of the ESMI website incl. the link to the fulltext of your thesis and the abstract of your thesis
  • one year ESMI membership incl. subscription to the MIB journal

Collection date/Deadlines for submission

Applications can be submitted throughout the year.To ensure a competitive momentum there is one collection date per year: 31 December each year.


Please send your application via email to the ESMI office:

Irene Simon

email: office(at)
phone: ++49 221 78966180


And do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you may need.