Review Articles by the ESMI Study Groups | 2018

THANKS to the Study Group leaders for writing REVIEW ARTICLES under the auspieces of the related ESMI STUDY GROUP!


Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance - HYPER-MR   

Metabolic and Molecular Imaging with Hyperpolarised Tracers

Skinner, J.G., Menichetti, L., Flori, A., Dost, A., Schmidt, A.B., Plaumann, M., Gallagher, F.A., Hövener, J.-B.


Standardization of Small Animal Imaging - STANDARD

Standardization of Small Animal Imaging - Current Status and Future Prospects

Mannheim, J.G., Kara, F., Doorduin, J., Fuchs, K., Reischl, G., Liang, S., Verhoye, M., Gremse, F., Mezzanotte, L., Huisman, M.C.


Oncoimmunology & Therapy

The Potential of In Vivo Imaging for Optimization of Molecular and Cellular Anti-cancer Immunotherapies

Fruhwirth, G.O., Kneilling, M., de Vries, I.J.M., Weigelin, B., Srinivas, M., Aarntzen, E.H.J.G.


Molecular Neuro-Imaging - NEURO

On the Usage of Brain Atlases in Neuroimaging Research

Hess, A., Hinz, R., Keliris, G.A., Boeh-Sturm, P.


Image-Guided Drug Delivery - IGDD

Imaging Nanomedicine-Based Drug Delivery: a Review of Clinical Studies

Man, F., Lammers, T., T. M. de Rosales, R.


X-Ray based Imaging - X-RAY

X-ray-Based 3D Virtual Histology - Adding the Next Dimension to Histological Analysis

Albers, J., Pacilé, S., Markus, M.A., Wiart M., Vande Velde, G., Tromba, G., Dullin, C.


Intra-Operative Imging - IOI

Emerging Intraoperative Imaging Modalities to Improve Surgical Precision

Alam, I.S., Steinberg, I., Vermesh, O., van den Berg, N. Rosenthal, E., van Dam, G.M., Ntziachristos, V., Gambhir, S., Hernot, S., Rogalla, S.


Mass Spectrometry Imaging - MassSpec

Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Integration with Other Imaging Modalities for Greater Molecular Understanding of Biological Tissues

Porta Siegel, T., Hamm, G., Bunch, J., Cappell, J., Fletcher, J.S., Schwamborn, K.


Cardiovascular Imaging - CARDIO

Current and Emerging Preclinical Approaches for Imaging-based Characterization of Atherosclerosis

Vigne, J., Thackeray, J., Essers, J., Makowski, M., Varasteh, Z., Baleanu-Curaj, A., Karlas, A., Canet-Soulas, E., Mulder, W., Kießling, F., Schäfers, M., Botnar, R., Wildgruber, M., Hyafil, F.


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