ESMI Mission Statement


On behalf of the ESMI Governing Board* it is with excitement to provide you with the updated mission statement of the ESMI. We very much hope that you could identify with the mission and that it is reflecting your conviction.

The ESMI Mission Statement:

The European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI) represents the academic community involved in interdisciplinary molecular imaging research. This includes pre-clinical, translational, and clinical research on novel imaging methodologies, biomarkers and probes as well as new molecular imaging applications.

ESMI is aligned with existing organizations representing the basic sciences that seek to translate this science into clinical applications. The ESMI is dedicated to the training of researchers in the field of molecular imaging and provides programmes that promote molecular imaging in the life sciences.

The ESMI’s annual European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM) and thematic workshops (TOPIM - hot TOPics in molecular IMaging and TOPIM TECH - hot TOPics in molecular IMaging TECHnology) provide a forum for in-depth discussions of emerging technologies and applications. 

The ESMI is engaged in setting the roadmap for future focus areas in molecular imaging by participating in the strategic planning of research calls throughout Europe.


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