ESMI Council - elected members

+++Council Election Ended+++

49,5% of all members participated in the election. Your new COUNCIL members 2018-2020

(in alphabetical order)


Frauke Alves – Göttingen, Germany

Sarah Bohndiek – Cambridge, UK

Guy Bormans – Leuven, Belgium

Hervé Boutin – Manchester, UK

Jolanda de Vries – Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Giuseppe Digilio – Alessandria, Italy

Cornelius Faber – Münster, Germany

Uwe Himmelreich – Leuven, Belgium

Elisabeth Jonckers – Antwerp, Belgium

Marleen Keyaerts – Brussels, Belgium

Jan Klohs – Zurich, Switzerland

Twan Lammers – Aachen, Germany

Adriaan Lammertsma – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Jordi Llop – San Sebastián, Spain

Emmet Mc Cormack – Bergen, Norway

Bernd Pichler – Tübingen, Germany

Daniel Razansky – Munich, Germany

Mickael Tanter – Paris, France

Wolfgang Weber – Munich, Germany

Bettina Weigelin – Nijmegen/Houston, The Netherlands/USA

Tim Witney – London, UK


All council members were elected for a period of two years. Together with the Executive Committee the Council members define the main direction and activities of the society and shall represent the interests of you: the ESMI members.