EMIM 2019 Plenary Speakers

From the cell to the human body...

Modern molecular imaging techniques cover the full range of length scales, from imaging protein molecules in cells using cryo-electron microscopy to imaging metabolites in the human body using positron emission tomography.

The meeting will feature a series of plenary lectures, from leading practitioners in their respective fields, who will take us on this path from the cell to the human body.


Wolfgang Baumeister

Director Molecular Structural Biology

Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Martinsried, Germany


Sanjiv (Sam) Gambhir

Chair Department of Radiology &

Director Molecular Imaging Program

Stanford, USA


Owen Sansom

Director of the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute

Glasgow, UK

Lihong Wang

Lihong Wang

Director Caltech Optical Imaging Laboratory

Bren Professor of Medical Engineering and Electrical Engineering

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena