EMIM 2018 Call for Abstracts

The EMIM 2018 Committee called for abstract submissions on original work for oral/poster presentations. All abstracts must be submitted via the EMIM 2018 online submission system and must be related to one main Category (bold) and one Subcategory as listed below. Though there are also Categories with no Subcategories.

Your abstract need to reach a certain evaluation treshold to be accepted - hopefully you have prepared your submission carefully!

ALL Submissions are CLOSED - SORRY!

EMIM 2018 Categories and subCategories

  • Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Data Analysis & Methodology new category!
  • Imaging Metabolism
  • Intra-Operative Imaging new category!

Clinical Studies | Intra Operative Imaging

Preclinical Studies | Intra Operative Imaging

  • Immunology/Inflammation and Infectious Diseases

Imaging in Infections

Imaging Host Responses

Imaging Immune Disorders

  • Imaging Probes, Chemistry & Reporter Genes

Synthesis and Enabling Technologies | New Probes

MRI and Multimodal | New Probes

PET/SPECT and Radionuclide | New Probes

Optical Imaging, Ultrasound and Photoacoustic | New Probes

  • Imaging Technologies

Nuclear Imaging Technology

X-Ray based Imaging Technology

MRI and Hyperpolarization Technology

Ultrasound and Opto-Acoustics Technology

Optical Imaging and Microscopy Technology

Mass Spectroscopy Technology

  • Oncology

Develop: New Tools for Cancer Imaging

Discover: Understand Tumour Biology

Solve: Solutions to unmet Clinical Need

  • Neuroimaging

Brain: Structure, Function, and Networks

Neuroimaging | Disease Models

Neuroimaging | New Methods