European Society for Molecular Imaging - ESMI

  • The ESMI represents and advocates “IMAGING SCIENCE”!
  • The ESMI is providing an interdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange covering basic sciences, translational aspects as well as clinical applications.
  • ESMI is an independent, non-profit, and apolitical society, which promotes the development and practical application of Imaging Sciences within Europe and beyond.
  • ESMI is committed to scientific and technical excellence, to innovation and quality, to the promotion of knowledge and understanding, and to interdisciplinary co-operation.


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Main ESMI events 2018

12th Winter Conference in Les Houches, France - TOPIM 2018

on IMAGING METABOLISM 21-26 Jan. 2018 in Les Houches, France

13th annual meeting - EMIM 2018

in San Sebastián, Spain from 20-23 March 2018

3rd Imaging Technology Summer Workshop in Chania, Crete - TOPIM TECH 2018 on "IMAGING DATA - Knowledge Extraction" 9-14 July 2018