Industrial Participation & Exhibition

Virtual EMIM 2020 | 24th to 28th August 2020

with subsequent full access until 6th September


Not unexpected but with a heavy heart and much regret, the EMIM 2020 needs to go full virtual!

We are all aware that a virtual EMIM cannot substitute the face-to-face meeting but we are prepared for an alternative extraordinary virtual event providing you best possible opportunities to present your company, products, and innovations!

It goes without saying that we rely on your support & ideas.

Give it a try and face this challenge together!


WHEN? Dates for the EMIM 2020 remain as announced:

24th -28th August 2020 with subsequent full access until 6th September 2020


The EMIM 2020 will be virtual but not live BUT be ensured that there will be many opportunities for exchange and communication. We probably all have learned that live does not automatically lead into a plus on interaction and liveliness. Thus; the EMIM aims to combine the advantage of going virtual: FLEXIBILITY with numerous opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

PLEASE NOTE - we are currently developing an attractive offer for you to present your company, be actively engaged and visible during the virtual EMIM 2020. First insights on what we are working on (a detailed offer will follow):

Industry Day

The virtual EMIM starts with a dedicated INDUSTRY DAY: on Monday 24th August no other sessions will be available rather than the virtual exhibition, your webinars, symposia, and industry success stories. Make the best out of it!

From Tuesday25th August onwards, participants get access to the other sessions in accordance with the schedule e.g. sessions scheduled for Wednesday will be opened on Wednesday and remain open.

Look into the programme layout


First insights: share video company/product presentation, direct contact form and consultation hours, booth pic, logo, link, (...)


First insights: implement your webinar, present your success story, invite participants to your Lunch Symposium, ...


Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, suggestions, further information - your ideas are mostly welcome!

Doris Kracht


++49 (0)221 78966180