EMIM 2018 Educational Programme

Focus on Education & Knowledge Exchange!

The EMIM 2018 will start at Tuesday 20 March 2018 with two Spotlight Symposia, three educational sessions, and eight Study Group Meetings. We hope you like it!



10:00h Symposium 1 "Working with Allen Brain Atlas Data"

14.30h Symposium 2 "Intra-Operative Imaging: from Concept to Knife"

14.30h EDUCATIONAL Sessions

18:00h STUDY GROUP Meetings

Spotlight Symposia

Symposium 1 | Working with Allen Brain Atlas Data - a Tutorial

TUTORS: Gabe Murphy, David Feng and Nicholas Cain, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Organized by the Neuroimaging Study Group

Tuesday 20 March 11.00h - 18.00h

PROGRAMME overview


11:00 – 11:30     Introduction to the Allen Institute’s suite of online tools

11:30 – 12:45     Allen Mouse Brain Atlases:Gene expression and projection maps

12.45h-13.00h     BREAK

13:00 – 14:30     Allen Mouse Brain Atlas Toolkits: Exploring the Common Coordinate Framework

14.30 - 15:45      LUNCH BREAK & Review laptop setup and online access.


15:45 – 16:45     Group practice: Accessing data through online portals

16:45 – 17:00     Introduction to the Allen Brain Observatory and the Allen SDK

17:00 – 18:00     Group practice: Exploring selected datasets

Symposium 2 | Intra-Operative Imaging: from Concept to Knife

Organized by the Intra-Operative Imaging Study Group - Sophie Hernot, Stephan Rogalla

Tuesday 20 March 14.30h-21.00h

spported by

PROGRAMME overview

14h30    Where Do We Stand In the Clinic? Alex Vahrmeijer, Leiden

15h00    Quantification to Support Decision-Making. Sylvain Gioux, Paris

15h30    Designing a Clinical Trial with Impact. Marjory Koller, Groningen

16h00-16h30 Break

16h30    Clinically Relevant Imaging Strategies in Endoscopy. Stephan Rogalla, Stanford

17h00    Optoacoustic Imaging in Endoscopy. Christian Zakian, Munich

17h30    Update on Targeted PhotoDynamic Therapy. Martin Gotthardt, Nijmegen

18h00-18h30 Break

18h30    Intra-operative Nuclear Imaging. Israt Alam, Stanford

19h00    Bimodal Probes for Guided Interventions. Margret Scottelius, Munich

19h30    Promising Preclinical Optical Probes. James Basilion, Cleveland


Followed by the interactive STUDY GROUP Meeting of the "Intra-Operative Imaging" group - end 21.00h



Three EDUCATIONAL Sessions in parallel are organized.

Tuesday 20 March from 14.30h - 18.00h (incl. break)

Tick the respective session for further details.