EMIM 2018 Educational Programme

Focus on Education & Knowledge Exchange!

The EMIM 2018 will start at Tuesday 20 March 2018 with two Spotlight Symposia, three educational sessions, and eight Study Group Meetings. We hope you like it!



10:00h Symposium 1 "Working with Allen Brain Atlas Data"

14.30h Symposium 2 "Intra-Operative Imaging: from Concept to Knife"

14.30h EDUCATIONAL Sessions

18:00h STUDY GROUP Meetings

Spotlight Symposia

Symposium 1 | Working with Allen Brain Atlas Data - a Tutorial

Organized by the Neuroimaging Study Group - Stefanie Dedeurwaerdere, Hervé Boutin, Mathias Hoehn

Tuesday 20 March 11.00h - 18.00h

PROGRAMME overview


11:00 – 12:00     Introduction to the Allen Institute’s suite of online tools

12:00 – 13:00     Allen Mouse Brain Atlases:Gene expression and projection maps

13.00h-13.45h BREAK

13:45  – 14:30    Introduction to the Allen Brain Observatory and the Allen SDK

14.30 - 15:15      Review laptop setup and online access.

15.15h-15.45h BREAK


15:45 – 16:45     Allen Mouse Brain Atlases: Exploring the Common coordinate framework

16:45 – 17:00     Group review:  Questions, comments

17:00 – 18:00     Allen Brain Observatory: Exploring the dataset

subsequent Group review & wrap-up: Questions, comments


Symposium 2 | Intra-Operative Imaging: from Concept to Knife

Organized by the Intra-Operative Imaging Study Group - Sophie Hernot, Stephan Rogalla

Tuesday 20 March 14.30h-21.00h

PROGRAMME overview

14h30    Where Do We Stand In the Clinic? Alex Vahrmeijer, Leiden

15h00    Quantification to Support Decision-Making. Sylvain Gioux, Paris

15h30    Designing a Clinical Trial with Impact. Go van Dam, Groningen

16h00-16h30 Break

16h30    Clinically Relevant Imaging Strategies in Endoscopy. Stephan Rogalla, Stanford

17h00    Optoacoustic Imaging in Endoscopy. Vasilis Ntziachristos, Munich

17h30    Update on Targeted PhotoDynamic Therapy. Martin Gotthardt, Nijmegen

18h00-18h30 Break

18h30    Intra-operative PET Imaging. Israt Alam, Stanford

19h00    Bimodal Probes for Guided Interventions. Hans-Jurgen Wester (tbc)

19h30    Promising Preclinical Optical Probes. James Basilion, Cleveland



Three EDUCATIONAL Sessions in parallel are organized.

Tuesday 20 March from 14.30h - 18.00h (incl. break)

Tick the respective session for further details.