EMIM 2020 Awards - CONGRATS!

Young Investigator Award

The finalists for the Young Investigator Award 2020 were selected from the excellent abstract submissions:

  • In vivo PET imaging of mutant huntingtin using [11C]CHDI-180R as candidate marker in a mouse model of Huntington’s Disease - Daniele Bertoglio, Antwerp
  • Imaging In Vivo CRISPR/Cas9 Neuronal Gene Editing in the Adult Rat Brain - Sabina Marciano, Tübingen
  • Assessing tumour cell death in vivo using 2H-labeled fumarate and deuterium magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging - Friederike Hesse, Cambridge

...and the winner is: Sabiana Marciano from Tübingen - CONGRATULATIONS!

Recordings of YIA final are NOW available via your ESMI Member Portal!

Best Presentation Awards 2020

Two chairpersons evaluated each talk presented in a Prarallel Sessions and selected the best. The winners:


PS 01 Imaging the Tumour Microenvironment

MMP-independent cancer cell invasion guided by tissue microchannels

Bettina Weigelin Tübingen Germany

PS 02 Microscopy, Optical Imaging, Near-Infrared & Raman Spectroscopy Technologies

Pre-Resonance hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering microscopy for monitoring Amphotericin B distribution

Konstantinos Mavrakis Heraklion Greece

PS 03 Late-breaking Pitches | Cancer

Human PD-L1 Nanobody For Immuno-PET Imaging: Radiolabeling Strategies Jessica

Bridoux Jette Belgium

PS 04 Imaging Infection

Multimodal imaging in experimental cerebral malaria reveals early stage accumulation of infected erythrocytes and altered brain perfusion

Patricia Wenk Magdeburg Germany

PS 05 PET Probes: New Tracers & Applications

Synthesis and radiochemistry with a water soluble, photoactive desferrioxamine derivative for one-pot conjugation and 89Zr-radiolabelling of proteins

Amaury Guillou Zurich Switzerland

PS 06 Imaging of Brain Receptors, Structure & Function

Cholinergic modulation of the default mode-like network in rats

Monica van den Berg Wilrijk Belgium

PS 07 Intra-Operative Imaging

A first-in-human study of multispectral endoscopy for delineation of adenoma in pituitary surgery

Dale Waterhouse Cambridge UK

PS 08 Imaging Metabolism

Combining 1H MRS and deuterium labeled glucose for mapping of neural metabolism in humans: pilot study

Abigail Cember Philadelphia USA

PS 09 Imaging Cancer Therapy

PET imaging of tumour cell death in vivo using [18F]FPenM-C2Am

Flaviu Bulat Cambridge UK

PS 10 Novel Optical, Acoustic & Optoacoustic

Probes Phase-change ultrasound contrast agents as a novel strategy for proton range verification

Bram Carlier Leuven Belgium

PS 11 MRI, MRS & Hyperpolarization Technologies

A multi spin echo pulse sequence with optimized excitation pulses and a 3D cone readout for hyperpolarized 13C imaging

Vencel Somai Cambridge UK

PS 12 Imaging of Cardiovascular

Disease Inflammation and fibrosis develop in parallel during pressure overload-induced heart failure and are alleviated by ventricular unloading: Insights from multimodality molecular imaging

Aylina Glasenapp Hannover Germany

PS 13 New Tools for Cancer Imaging

Repurposing 18F-FMISO for clinical PET/CT imaging of nitroreductase gene directed enzyme prodrug therapy

Elvira García de Jalón Bergen Norway

PS 14 MRI: New Probes & Applications

Novel quadrupolar peaks based contrast agents for monitoring tissue implants

Valeria Bitonto Torino Italy

PS 15 Late-breaking Pitches | Imaging Strategies

Season dependent auditory processing of innate vocalizations in a songbird model for seasonal adult neuroplasticity.

Elisabeth Jonckers Wilrijk Belgium

PS 16 Data Processing & Quantification

An advanced machine learning algorithm for the automated detection of tissue chromophores from Multi-spectral photoacoustic images

Valeria Grasso Amsterdam Netherlands

PS 17 PET, CT &  Multimodal Imaging Technologies

Within-breath changes in small airway dimensions assessed in vivo by dynamic synchrotron radiation phase-contrast lung imaging in anesthetized rabbits with acute lung injury

Eva Solé Cruz Grenoble France

PS 18 Imaging Inflammatory Response

Unraveling the multifaceted in vivo fate of active-targeting nanomedicines

Alexandros Marios Sofias Aachen Germany

PS 19 Disease Models for Translational Neuroimaging

Non-invasive multimodal imaging of CSF-1R mediated microglia depletion after experimental stroke

Cristina Barca Münster Germany

PS 20 Imaging Cancer

Design of a bimodal ligand of neurotensin receptor 1 for 68Ga-PET imaging and fluorescence-guided surgery of pancreatic cancer

Aurélie Prignon Paris France

PS 21 Cancer Detection

Multispectral endoscopy for early detection of dysplasia in Barrett’s oesophagus (MuSE): a first-in-human pilot study

Dale Waterhouse Cambridge UK

PS 22 Multimodal Imaging Probes

PET/MRI contrast agents for measuring tumor extracellular pH

Alyssa Pollard Houston USA

PS 23 Novel Methods in Neuroimaging

Transcranial Ultrasound Localization Microscopy reveals sub-resolution blood dynamics in aneurysms and arterial malformations in the adult human brain

Charlie Demené Paris France

PS 24 Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustic Technologies

Aptamer-functionalized microbubbles: Ultrasound molecular imaging using an anti-P-selectin aptamer for imaging acute bowel inflammation.

Una Goncin Saskatoon Canada

Poster Awards 2020

Two Poster Sessions were scheduled comprising 30 thematic Poster Walks (PW). two chairpersons evaluated each poster presentation per walk and selected the best. The winners:


PW01 New Tools for Cancer Imaging I

A dual click 18F-labeling strategy for pretargeted PET imaging of the tumor-targeting monoclonal antibody CC49 E.

Johanna Stéen Copenhagen Denmark

PW02 Understanding Tumour Biology

Simultaneous dual isotope PET-SPECT/CT imaging of a metastatic αvβ6 expressing syngeneic murine model of pancreatic cancer

Katie Dexter London UK

PW03 Imaging to Diagnose Cancer

[18F]AZD2461 for PET imaging of PARP

Florian Guibbal Oxford UK

PW04 Imaging Cancer Therapy I

Image-guided Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: Preliminary results

Ghadir Kalot La Tronche France

PW05 Disease Models - Translational Approaches in Neuroimaging I

Enhanced transhemispheric connectivity after cortical stroke in mice

Markus Aswendt Cologne Germany

PW06 New Methods & Methodology in Neuroimaging I

Pharmacologically-induced dynamic changes in connectivity assessed by functional ultrasound and automatic scoring in awake mice

Claire Rabut Paris France

PW07 Vascular Diseases

Assessing abdominal aortic aneurysm response to imatinib treatment using [18F]fluorothymidine positron emission tomography / computed tomography

Richa Gandhi Leeds UK

PW08 Imaging inflammatory response

FDG-PET of acute gastrointestinal Graft versus Host disease (GvHD): diagnostics and prediction of response to anti-inflammatory therapy

Wolfgang Roll Münster Germany

PW09 Multimodal/Multifunctional | Probe Chemistry

Wazaby platform for the development of bimodal probes and theranostic agents

Robin Lescure Dijon France

PW10 PET/SPECT, Radionuclide, X-Ray, CT I | Probe Chemistry

Room Temperature Al18F Labeling of 2-Aminomethylpiperidine-Based Chelators for PET Imaging

Lisa Russelli Munich Germany

PW11 SPECT, PET Technologies & Standardization

Performance of nanoScan PET/CT and PET/MRI and comparison of image derived quantifications with ex vivo tissue distribution in tumor bearing mice

Marion Chomet Amsterdam Netherlands

PW12 X-Ray Technology & Standardization

New statistical reconstruction method for quantitative imaging in preclinical studies: preliminary results

Cristobal Martinez Sanchez Leganes Spain

PW13 Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustic Technologies

Imaging breast malignancies with the second generation Twente photoacoustic mammoscope

Sjoukje Schoustra Enschede Netherlands

PW14 Data Processing & Quantification

Anatomically Informed Time-of-Flight PET Image Reconstruction with STIR Toolkit

Palak Wadhwa Leeds UK

PW15 New Tools for Cancer Imaging II

Multi-modal PET and MR imaging in the Hen’s egg test chorioallantoic membrane (HET-CAM) model for initial in vivo testing of target-specific radioligands

Gordon Winter Ulm Germany

PW16 Imaging Cancer Therapy II

Bleomycin plus ultrasound and microbubbles to treat feline oral squamous cell carcinoma, as a model for human head and neck cancer, preliminary results of the BUBBLEFISH Trial

Josanne Maar Utrecht Netherlands

PW17 Immuno-Oncology Imaging

68GaNOTA-anti-MMR-Nb for PET/CT assessment of protumorigenic macrophages in patients with solid tumors: preliminary results of a phase I clinical trial

Odrade Gondry Brussels Belgium

PW18 Brain: Structure , Function and Receptors

Longitudinal rs-fMRI study of functional alterations during demyelination and remyelination in the cuprizone murine model

Pedro Ramos-Cabrer San Sebastian Spain

PW19 Disease Models - Translational Approaches in Neuroimaging II

Stem cell induced functional network stabilization after cortical stroke: A longitudinal resting state fMRI study in mice

Mathias Hoehn Cologne Germany

PW20 New Methods & Methodology in Neuroimaging II

Preclinical evaluation of [11C]UCB-J for PET-imaging of synaptic vesicle glycoprotein 2A in mice

Maxime Schreurs Amsterdam Netherlands

PW21 Heart Diseases

Macrophage depletion impairs cardiac repair after acute myocardial infarction: Insights from multimodality molecular imaging in mice

Annika Hess Hannover Germany

PW22 Imaging Infection

Dose dependent luciferin boosts increase in vivo bioluminescence detection sensitivity at the early-onset of invasive aspergillosis in a murine infection model

Agustin Resendiz Sharpe Leuven Belgium

PW23 Intra-Operative Imaging

TSPO as an Actionable Imaging Biomarker: Development of Targeted Molecular Imaging Agents for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Optical Surgical Navigation of Pancreatic Cancer

Allison Cohen Nashville USA

PW24 Imaging Metabolism

Metabolic imaging-based subtype prediction in orthotopically transplanted murine pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Moritz Mayer Munich Germany

PW25 MRI | Probe Chemistry

Metal-doped iron oxide nanoparticles for positive contrast in MRI

Irene Fernández-Barahona Madrid Spain

PW26 PET/SPECT, Radionuclide, X-Ray, CT II| Probe Chemistry

Pharmacokinetics evaluation of new drugs with potential application in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Rossana Passannante Donostia Spain

PW27 Optical, Ultrasound, Photoacoustic  | Probe Chemistry

Fluorescent peptide-based smartprobe for human neutrophil elastase

Maria Rodriguez  Rios Edinburgh UK

PW28 MRI & MRS Technologies

Fast 3D Hyperpolarised 13C Metabolic MRI at 7 T using Spectrally-Selective bSSFP

Geoffrey Topping Munich Germany

PW29 Microscopy, Optical Imaging, Near-Infrared Imaging & Raman Spectroscopy Technologies

Cerenkov luminescence imaging in pulmonary and hepatic metastasectomy

Esther Ciarrocchi Pisa Italy

PW30 Multi-modal Technology

Developments A new method for the quantification of PET radiotracer Arterial Input Function in the Rat Carotid Artery

Mailyn Perez-Liva Paris France