EMIM 2019 Scientific Programme


Programme - how to and who?

The EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME, PLENARY SPEAKERS, and FOCUS SESSIONS have been determined by the Programme Chairs with respect to your needs, emerging technologies, recent developments, and in consideration of the last EMIMs.

BUT the gross of the programme is done by you! First 22 Parallel Sessions have been set - see themes below. Still would like to present your work as well? 

CALL for late-breaking ABSTRACTS (31 Jan - 5 Feb.)

Parallel Session Titles

PS 01     Nuclear Imaging in Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer

PS 02     MRI Probes - 19F, Iron Oxide & CEST

PS 03     Optical & Microscopy Technologies

PS 05     PET, CT & Multimodal Technologies

PS 06     New Methods in Neuroimaging

PS 07     Imaging in Infections

PS 08     Imaging the Vasculature and the Heart

PS 09     Intra-Operative Imaging

PS 10     SPECT Probes - New Approaches & Applications

PS 11     Imaging Metabolism

PS 12     Data Processing & Quantification

PS 13     MRI & MRS Technologies

PS 14     Novel Optical, Acoustic & Optoacoustic Probes - from Imaging to Therapy

PS 15     Imaging Immune Responses

PS 16     New Tools for Cancer Imaging

PS 17     PET Probes - Novel Radiotracers & Applications

PS 18     MRI & Optical Imaging in Diagnosis & Treatment of Cancer

PS 19     Neuroimaging: Disease Models & Translational Approaches

PS 21     Understanding Tumour Biology

PS 22     MRI Probes for Biomarker Imaging

PS 23     Brain: Structure, Function, Networks

PS 24     Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustic Technologies


Look into the online PROGRAMME


INNODERM support the Spotlight Symposium on Optoacoustic Imaging - THANKS!


Two educational Spotlight Symposia are scheduled for 19 March from 11.00h to 17.00h:

  • Symposium 1 "Mass Spectrometry"
  • Symposium 2 "Optoacoustic Imaging"

Moreover four Educational Sessions are scheduled at 19 March 2019 from 13.30h to 17.00h:

  • Onco-Immunology
  • X-ray Imaging
  • Intravital Microscopy
  • Intra-Operative Imaging

The PLENARY LECTURES leading practitioners will take us on this path from the cell to the human body. Further Plenary Lecture are dedicated to the winners of the ESMI award for excellent PhD thesis 2018 and the ESMI award winner 2019.


Each of the 24 PARALLEL SESSIONS starts with an overview talk of about 20 min followed by six shorter talks chosen from your abstract submissions.


STUDY GROUP Meetings are organised by the leadership of each ESMI Study Groups and are open for everybody who is interested.


Jointly organized FOCUS SESSIONS will be held in cooperation with related societies. The set-up differs from the parallel sessions: three talks 30 min will be given.


Scientific Speed Dating & Meet the Experts Sessions

both organized by the young ESMI groups.