EMIM 2019 People & Committees

The Programme Chair and ESMI President Kevin Brindle supported by the Vice President Giannis Zacharakis are responsible for the overall scientific concept and supervision of programme development. The Category CHAIRs are responsible for "their" category in regards to defining subtopics, abstract categories and recommendation of respective subchairs, oversee the review process, and filling the sessions dedicated to the respective category. The subCHAIRS are responsible for the reviewing process and recommendation of reviewers per specific subtopic/abstract category, give advice to the category chairs in regards to the selection of talks and poster presentations from the abstract submissions, naming of sessions per category etc.

Category Chairs

Cardiovascular Imaging

Jeanine Prompers - Utrecht

Michael Schäfers - Münster

Data Analysis & Methodology

Felix Gremse - Aachen

Jonathan Disselhorst - Tübingen

Imaging Metabolism

Arnaud Comment - Cambridge

Imaging Probes, Chemistry & Reporter Genes

Mónica Carril - Bilbao

Dario Longo - Torino

Imaging Technologies

Chris Vanhove - Gent

Wolfgang Drexler - Vienna

Harish Poptani - Liverpool

Immunology, Inflammation & Infectious Diseases

Erik Aarntzen - Nijmegen

Intra-Operative Imaging

Volker Neuschmelting - Cologne/Munich

Sylvain Gioux - Strasbourg


Marlene Wiart - Lyon

Bastian Zinnhardt - Münster

Oncology Imaging

Steffi Lehmann - Zurich

Nick Devoogdt - Brussels