EMIM 2018 Scientific Programme

Programme - how to and who?

The programme is done by you! The more abstracts are submitted in "your" field of research, the more sessions will be dedicated to your research area. The session names/topics will be defined AFTER the abstract deadline in accordance with the number and quality of submissions per category.

The Programme Chair and current President Tony Lahoutte and the Vice President Kevin Brindle are responsible for the overall scientific concept and supervision of programme shaping. Category chairs and subchairs form one team responsible for the representation and evaluation of "their" category. Read more about people involved

Main Topics

  • Oncology
  • Neuroimaging
  • Cardiovascular
  • Metabolism
  • Intra-Operative Imaging
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Data Analysis & Methodology
  • Imaging Probes, Chemistry, Reporter Genes
  • Immunology, Inflammation & Infectious Disease

Session overview

24 Parallel Sessions filled with talks from your abstract submissions

10 Plenary Lectures including PhD and ESMI Award winners and YIA finalists

8 Study Group Meetings

4 Educational Sessions

2 Poster Sessions á 2h

Scientific Speed Dating and Meet the Experts Sessions -

both organized by the young ESMI groups.



EMIM 2018 Session Types

The Educational Sessions are scheduled for 20 March from 14.30h-18.00h. There will be 4 educational sessions in parallel. The topics are currently under discussions. You can register to the educational sessions during the registration process. We charge a "symbolic" fee of 10€ in order to ensure attendance.


The Plenary Lectures shall represent - beside the "usual" themes - topics closely related to your research field with an increase in interest and relevance. One Plenary Lecture is dedicated to the winners of the ESMI award for excellent PhD thesis 2017 and the ESMI award winner 2018.


Each of the 24 Parallel Sessions starts with an overview talk of about 25 min followed by five talks chosen from your abstract submissions.


Study Group Meetings are organised by the leadership of each ESMI Study Groups and are open for everybody who is interested.


Focus Sessions are jointly organised with related societies. The set-up differs from the parallel sessions: three talks á 30 min will be given. Joint sessions will be held in cooperation with the EANM, the ESR/ESMOFIR, and the WMIS.

One Focus Session is dedicated to "How to get an ERC Grant"