EMIM 2018 People & Committees

The Programme Chair and ESMI President Tony Lahoutte supported by the Vice President Kevin Brindle are responsible for the overall scientific concept and supervision of programme shaping. The Category CHAIRs are responsible for "their" category in regards to defining subtopics and recommend respective subchairs, oversee the review process, and shaping the sessions dedicated to the respective category. The subCHAIRS are responsible for the reviewing process and recommending reviewers per specific subtopic, give advice to the category chairs in regards to the selection of talks and poster presentations from the abstract submissions, naming of sessions per category etc.

Category Chairs

Cardiovascular Imaging

Frank Bengel - Hannover Germany

Willem Mulder - Amsterdam/New York Netherlands/USA

Data Analysis & Methodology

Felix Gremse - Aachen Germany

Daniel Razansky - Munich Germany

Imaging Metabolism

David Lewis - Glasgow UK

Imaging Probes, Chemistry & Reporter Genes

Guy Bormans - Leuven Belgium

Giuseppe Ferrauto - Torino Italy

Imaging Technologies

Chris van Hove - Gent Belgium

Bettina Weigelin - Houston USA

Xin Yu - Tubingen Germany

Immunology, Inflammation & Infectious Diseases

Erik Aarntzen - Nijmegen Netherlands

Greetje Vande Velde - Leuven Belgium

Intra-Operative Imaging

Volker Neuschmelting - Cologne/Munich Germany

Go van Dam - Groningen Netherlands


Cornelius Faber - Münster Germany

Marlene Wiart - Lyon France

Oncology Imaging

Francisca Mulero - Madrid Spain

Tim Witney - London UK