Hot Topics in Imaging Technology – TOPIM TECH


Programme concept and general schedule

It's a WORKSHOP format - for SENIORs & JUNIORs!

TOPIM TECH aims at bringing scientists from various fields together and providing a think tank to foster new ideas and inter-disciplinary cross connections through intensive and open-minded discussions.



  • MODUL 1: Introductory Lectures
  1. Setting the Stage: Fingerprints rather than individual biomarkers to characterize complex biological systems. (Markus Rudin, Zurich)
  2. How to meet the challenge - multimodal imaging strategies (Bernd Pichler, Tubingen)
  3. Imaging across scales - from cell to tissue organism (Sarah Bohndiek, Cambridge)
  4. Image reconstruction across modalities - data analysis and representation (Michael Unser, Lausanne)
  • MODUL 2: Multimodal imaging system / hybrid devices
  1. Multimodal MRI: Combining structural, functional, and metabolic information (Mathias Hoehn, Cologne)
  2. Acquisition of Multimodal imaging data &
  3. Hybrid PET/MRI/CT - technological aspects (Hans Wehrl, Tübingen & Christian Dullin, Göttingen)
  4. Multimodal Imaging using Optoacoustic Tomography (Vasilis Ntziachristos, Munich)
  5. Multimodal Aspects of Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging (Jean Provost, Paris)
  6. Multimodal Probing of Cancer Invasion and Metastasis in Mice. (Peter Friedl, Nijmegen/Houston)
  7. Multimodal Mass Spectrometry Imaging Fusion – Hype or Hope?  (Jo Cappell, Masstricht)
  • MODUL 3: Data analysis - presentation and interpretation
  1. Contextual Image Analysis (Guenter Schmidt, Munich)
  2. Image-based modelling (Björn Menze, Munich)
  • MODUL 4: Big data and Machine Learning
  1. Machine Learning and Medical Computer Vision. (Björn Menze, Munich)
  2. Big Data (Vangelis Sakkalis, Heraklion)
  • MODUL 5: PRACTICAL WORK on the development of an analysis tool.
  • MODUL 6: your work presented in an interactive, outdoor poster session