The European Society for Molecular Imaging - ESMI

The ESMI is an independent scientific society providing an interdisciplinary platform for knowledge exchange in the field of Molecular Imaging covering basic biomedical, preclinical and clinical imaging science

  • ESMI is a non-profit and apolitical society, which promotes the development and practical application of Molecular Imaging within Europe and beyond. It fosters co-operation between scientists from different countries in the various disciplines in its field.
  • ESMI is committed to scientific and technical excellence, to innovation and quality in healthcare, to the promotion of knowledge and understanding, and to interdisciplinary co-operation.
  • By bringing together (European) Scientists from various disciplines working in the field of Molecular Imaging. ESMI fosters the coherence of a sustainable European Molecular Imaging Community with the common goal to translate fundamental research discoveries into medical application and health benefit for the European Society.